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Design & videos for ACTA Alliance for California Traditional Arts

English,Spanish & Mixtec

Los Angeles CA


The Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) is producing and distributing five new works in Spanish and Mixtec language in music, poetry and theater by four beloved Latinx artists and ensembles in the San Joaquin Valley. These new pieces all animate public health messaging for the prevention of COVID-19 in the valley, a region which has experienced both a high level of infection and low vaccination rates during the pandemic. Through regional music, multilingual poetry, and even a radio drama, these artists are encouraging San Joaquin Valley residents to get vaccinated and protect their communities and families from COVID-19.

ACTA’s program is one of 14 public art projects organized by the CA Governor’s Office and the Sierra Health Foundation.

The audio will be disseminated on national Spanish public radio network, Radio Bilingüe, which has a large broadcast area in California, and across the Southwest. Bilingual lyric videos will be distributed on ACTA’s YouTube and social channels.

“Through our decades-long work in diverse cultural communities of California, we’ve seen firsthand how traditional arts and traditional music can impact the wellbeing of a community. Incorporating key COVID-19 harm reduction messages into original works of music and poetry from artists who are recognized in their communities as trusted culture-bearers can heighten the impact of these messages and affect community health in a meaningful way.”
—Amy Kitchener, ACTA Founding Executive Director

'Come on Papi, La Vacuna!': A New Arts Campaign Aims to Boost Vaccination Rates in San Joaquin Valley


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