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Alberto Lule

photography for CREAR STUDIO, Santa Ana CA

Detain & Displace

Alberto Lule

Solo Exhibition: August 25-October 20, 2022

After surviving a 14-year sentence, Alberto Lule dedicates his time to art as a tool to remain out of prison. Lule’s solo exhibition “DETAIN & DISPLACE” is showcased at Crear Studio in Santa Ana from Thursday, August 25 to Thursday, October 20, 2022. This marks Crear Studio’s 1-year anniversary of exhibiting a series of shows prioritizing local artists of color. In tradition to last year’s inaugural show “iEL BAILE DE DÓLAR QUE NUNCA TUVE!” (The Dollar Dance I never had) by Albert Lopez, Jr., Crear Studio livestreamed via Instagram a window unveiling for Lule on August 6 during first Saturday Artwalk.

“When people ask me how or why I got into art after being in prison, I tell them, ‘I do it to stay out of prison,’” Alberto Lule says. “I use my own experience and agencies of authority to examine and critique the California carcel state, and also tie in immigration, homelessness, and mental health issues.”

Read more about Alberto Lule, press release available in link in bio.

Crear Studio 225 W. 5th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701


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