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Calendar of Revolt 2015, 2016

the “Subversive Historian” morphs from its origin as a daily radio segment as heard for years on KPFK-Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles into 12-months of radical history! The 2016 edition comes with bolder artwork and 365 brand new subversive days in history. The Calendar of Revolt continues to focuses on the liberation struggles of workers, radicals, women, people of color, and the LGBT community throughout the history of the United States and elsewhere. 

Gabriel San Roman is the “Subversive Historian” and also multimedia journalist whose work has been featured on KPFK Radio and in the OC Weekly, Latino Rebels, and online at TruthOut in addition to numerous other outlets. He’s also the author of “Venceremos: Victor Jara and the New Song Movement” published by PM Press. 

Carla Zarate is the designer of the ‘Calendar of Revolt.’ Originally from Mexicali, Mexico, she was a producer, camera woman and documentary directory before becoming a part of SolArt Gallery, a collective promoting solidarity through ALL the arts in Santa Ana CA. Since then, Zarate’s been busy creating graphic design for non-profit organizations, documenting the Latin Alternative music scene, producing videos, collaborating with artists on public art.

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