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I am a graphic journalist and multimedia artist from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. I was a producer, graphic journalist and editor for  Al Instante News for Mexicali’s  Canal 12: “La Imagen del Conocimiento”  (Universidad Autonoma de Baja California) and taught media classes at the same university.

One of my biggest interests and concerns are the human rights violations in Mexico and the murder of journalists. These and other issues are part of my blog. Check it out!

After working in journalism and College Radio my interests grew in the possibility of combining the arts with social issues. I studied  Theater at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa California and after that I applied for the Cornerstone Institute Theater in Los Angeles CA with a scholarship for the Summer of 2006 . This program teaches students how to produce Communiy Theater according to the method created by  the Cornestone Theater Company . The play produced that year was "Boda de Luna Nueva" by Federico Garcia Lorca.

Currently I collaborate with the artistic collective SolArt Radio and SolArt Media & Design in Santa Ana CA, founded by Sali Heraldez. We record a Radio Show online and offer Media and Design services for non profits and independent artists . At SolArt we also produce art exhibits, music shows, poetry readings and more. Sounds like a lot! right? Well, check for yourself here

I collaborated  with illustrations and video for the book and exhibit "SantAna Fairytales" written by Sarah Rafael García. The book has been received with a lot of love and is currently on tour in the State of Texas . To learn more about this multimedia project ( book, art exhibit, live music and video) please visit "SantAna Fairytales".


Currently SolArt Radio hour is transmitted LIVE on Radio Santa Ana 104.7 FM Mondays at Saturdays at 5 pm.


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