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In San Quintin , Baja California Mexico is been documented for decades the abuse of agricultural workers (jornaleros) by Big Companies under the approval of the corrupt government.

These farmworkers demand a stop to sexual harassment, better salaries and appropriate medical services like the Law indicates. It is estimated that around 10 thousand workers protested and 200 were arrested in San Quintin Baja California, Mexico. They were attacked with force by the Federal and local police with rubber bullets.

Why Mexico's farmworkers who harvest our food are on strike Sonali Kolhatkar

Driscoll's and BerryMex looking at you San Diego Reader

Policías de BC disparan balas de goma a jornaleros que piden IMSS y mejores salarios SIN EMBARGO

Protestan en carretera Transpeninsular contra explotación de tarahumaras LA JORNADA

A background on BOYCOTT - 50 years ago people stopped eating grapes in the US UPWORTHY

El poster aparece en un video en los Estados Unidos en una protesta dentro de un supermercado

The poster appears in a video in the United States during a protest inside a supermarket


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